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Barefoot Trimming & Natural Horse Care

Welcome to the Natural Hoof website, where you'll find information and resources about Barefoot Trimming & Natural Horse Care.

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Natural Hoof Trimming
Discover the importance of a balanced, natural hoof shape. Natural Trimming is based on the natural hoof shape of wild horses, combined with years of scientific research, for enhanced performance over all terrain, and/or healing of common hoof problems.
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Natural Environment
Information about how to provide a natural environment that will enhance your horse's health and wellbeing.
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Natural Nutrition
Important research into the horse's diet, minerals, herbs, essences and homeopathics.
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Natural Riding and Tack
Riding gear that will not harm the horse, and classic riding styles that are sympathetic to the horses anatomy and physiology.
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Natural Hoof does not accept responsibility for any applications or misapplications of the information presented in this website. We presume that horse owners will get the opinions and services of qualified hoofcare providers. © Copyright Componic Ltd, 2000
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Bitless Bridles

Users of our Bitless Bridles say . . .

Problem Horse Now A Pleasure
"After a month, the head tossing has stopped. She doesn't fight with me when I put the bridle on. She keeps her mouth shut and tongue in her head. She doesn't try to put her head down to buck and she moves forward so much better. I recommend the Bitless Bridle and my horse would thank you if she could talk."   - Kiri

Head Tossing Solved
"She would often toss her head around and generally fuss with her mouth. I purchased a Bitless Bridle which has turned out to be a brilliant purchase ... she goes very kindly. Thankfully I found out about your bridles and am so pleased I bought one. Thankyou."   - Gail 

No More High Head Carriage/Set Jaw "She seemed much happier immediately, no jogging at all, her head carriage was lower, no set jaw and generally calmer. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much control you do still have, and at how much happier your horse obviously is!!! We're a very happy team!" - Lisa

Bridling Problems Disappear "Its so much easier. I was having to stand on the fence to get the [bitted bridle] on and off. Within only a few times of using the Bitless Bridle, he began to lower his head when I put it on. Taking it off ... now he lowers his head for me to reach. Getting the bitless bridle for him was well worth the money spent."   - Kiri

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