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Testimonials - Old Mac's Hoof Boots

Old Mac’s Hoof Boots are an excellent boot for riding a barefoot horse, while in transition, or if you are conditioning your horse after a spell. These hoof boots are easy to use, and are built for superior performance over any terrain, improving your horse's soundness, well being and performance, and will extend your horse's working life.

A genuine alternative to metal shoes, Old Mac’s facilitate the natural shock absorbing, weight bearing function of the hoff and will improve blood circulation. Old Mac's will eliminate the potential stress and trauma caused to your horses through constant nailing.

Old Mac’s are also ideal for all veterinary purposes, including injuries, poultices, punctures and thrown shoes. They are also ideal for travel, breeding, thrown shoes, etc. For more information about sizing, or to purchase a pair, visit our online shop.

Here are some great testimonials that demonstrate how successful these hoof boots are:

The Niagara Regional Police Service Mounted Unit believes in keeping our horses barefoot and we rely on Old Mac’s Horse Boots for the work we do. Old Mac’s reduce the concussion associated with the miles ridden on hard asphalt by allowing the hoof to function as nature intended.

When people ask why we use the boots instead of traditional steel shoes, we always ask them "Would you rather walk around in a good pair of running shoes or a pair of steel sandals?" No one disputes that!

Old Mac’s offer comfort on rough surfaces and ensure a non-slip grip, even at the canter, on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Also, our farrier costs are a fraction of the cost of traditional shoeing.

Constable Ron Dersken
Niagara Regional Police Service
Mounted Unit

"I think your product is the best thing since sliced bread. My quarter horse Mare has had hoof problems. We’ve been using Old Mac’s at practise and competition rodeo without any sign of foot soreness. Your boots have helped us to become a winning combination"

Cameille O’Toole, QLD, Australia

"I ride my horses over the roughest terrain imaginable. Arizona is rocky, rocky, rocky! Everything from sharp chunks of volcanic rock to large rounded river rocks to cactus. I use Old Mac’s every time I go out. They have performed wonderfully for me. They have good traction for those steep rocky hills; yet stay on great when we cross sandy river bottoms. One other great advantage - it doesn't kill my back to get them on and off!"

Carol Peat, Glendale , AZ , USA

Old Mac’s Multi Purpose Horse Boots have been very beneficial to us in the thoroughbred Industry, especially in transportation. The safest way to travel in a float and/or airplane is with Old Mac’s boots on every hoof.

For Veterinarian purposes Old Mac’s have been an extreme advantage to us because we’re able to continue exercising the horse when it has any type of injury. Fitting the horse with Old Mac’s means we are able to keep the horse moving."

David Hall, Horse Trainer

Howdy, My name is Donna Griffiths and my mate’s name is Mal, an 11-year-old arab gelding. Together we compete mainly in endurance riding, but we have also been known to dabble in some show ring competitions now and again. In 2003 we started endurance riding again (after a spell with Navicular inflammation), but with Old Mac’s boots being our choice of hoof wear this time.

I have particularly enjoyed moments on the ride where other competitors are walking over rough rocky surfaces - and I just trot by. Another memorable moment was at a creek crossing and my fellow competitor being concerned about his horse slipping on the rocks, but it didn’t even cross my mind to be concerned. He then pointed out that it was okay for "yours has gumboots on". I had a bit of a laugh. I laughed even more so when a bit further on his horse overreached when the horse slipped a bit going down hill - half pulling off his metal shoe - having to then walk the rest of the distance (approx. 10 km). Of course I was home for a while before he got in!!

I believe we are the first to qualify in Old Mac’s Boots in Australia . We are currently having another spell for a shoulder injury, but when we come back it will be in Old Mac’s again.

Donna Griffiths, Rowella , Tasmania , Australia

Spring Valley Heritage Horse Ride - 2000

Old Mac's Multi Purpose Horse Boots were a proud sponsor of the Spring Valley Heritage Horse Ride. This "Journey of a Lifetime" left from Broome , Australia on the 14th of April 2000 . Organized by Unique Australian Horsesports to promote the Australian Stock horse and celebrate the unique Australian way of life, two teams of riders set out to ride more than 16,000 kilometres around the country. The horses were fitted with Old Mac's and traveled the sometimes-rugged journey in absolute comfort. 

 In Sydney on August 13, 2000 at the completion of the journey Dr. Chris Johnson, Equine Veterinarian with the ride had this to say about Old Mac’s.

"Old Mac’s have been great for us on this trip - from protecting horses hooves along the highway to providing protection and stability on ramps and trailers. I can see a therapeutic use for Old Mac’s in that if a horse is injured and can’t be shod you can still have that horse doing some work wearing Old Mac’s. We’ve found Old Mac’s very, very useful and will be using then a lot more."

Dr. Ric Redden, renowned veterinary authority on laminitis and other diseases and conditions of the hoof, established his International Equine Podiatry Clinic in Kentucky in 1983. This is the only clinic in the world devoted exclusively to the diagnoses, rehabilitation and treatment of the complexities of the equine foot. Dr Redden has been inducted into the International Equine Veterinarians Hall of Fame.

Dr. Reddon comments:

"Old Mac's offer 100% protection over metal shoes in transportation for any discipline, not only providing increased traction in loading, but an increased level of confidence. I am particularly impressed at the protection and security for the coronet band and quarters."

Dr. Redden uses Old Mac 's for various clinical applications and treatments. He endorses Old Mac 's for use in daily riding.

"After my Icelandic Horse suffered a bout with Laminitis, I tried one type of boot recommended to me by my vet, but couldn't get them to stay on without the metal plates on the inside and they gouged the hoof wall. I did some research and liked the looks of the Old Mac's on the website, so decided to try them. They are wonderful!

They look very comfortable to me and my horse seems to think so too. I use them for riding whenever we are going to unknown terrain or I know the trails are rocky. They stay on through mud, water, you name it! I highly recommend them to anyone that needs some additional protection on their barefoot horse."

Ferne Fedeli, Point Arena , CA , USA

"I’ve ridden over 1,000 km’s in the same set of Old Mac’s and there’s still heaps of riding left in them. Since my horse has been wearing Old Mac’s I can feel how comfortable he is. They’re a lot better on the horse and there is no longer a need to shoe the horses. Old Mac’s have totally eliminated stone bruising which was a huge problem. I think they will be unbelievable for those people who only ride their horses once or twice a week. I am a real convert to Old Mac’s and will definitely be doing all my riding in them in the future."

Ken Black, NSW, Australia
Spring Valley Heritage Horse Ride participant

"My horse would like to personally thank Old Mac's for allowing him to spend 4 days and 100km on a rocky trail without metal shoes. Mr. Darcy and I rode the RDA Annual Fundraising Trail Ride in the Alpine Region with 4 boots on every day. We rode over rocky terrain, steep climbs, numerous creek crossings and muddy tracks. On day one, a horse slipped in one of the river crossings, (metal shoes on slippery wet rocks are a bad combination) and slashed its knee open - vetted out for the remainder of the ride. Needless to say, we never slipped on anything!!

On one of the days we came to this really wide steep clay track. All the horses I was with started galloping up this mountainside. Once Darcy found his feet - so to speak (it was the first time he had climbed such a steep hill with his boots on), he was off - full gallop. Traction was not an issue.

Kids on the ride, thought it was great to see a horse with runners on. My Vet checked him out before the ride and commented on what wonderful feet he has. That made me feel very proud, because I work very hard at keeping his feet good and now with the boots, we will never need metal shoes again. I just cannot speak highly enough of Old Mac's."

Lezley Golding
Nar Nar Goon North, Australia
Pictured with Mr Darcy on fancy dress ride day as Indian and Indian pony.
Mr Darcy is a 14.2 quarterhorse/arab X buckskin.

"In my profession as both an equine vet and event rider the comfort and well being of my horses is paramount to me. I am very pleased with the design and cut of the boot. Old Mac’s are designed to fit easily and securely. As soon as I fit the Old Mac’s the horses relax and their movement becomes calmer and free on all surfaces."

Dr. Matthias Baumann, Veterinarian and
Olympic Gold Medallist, Seoul 1988, Germany

"Black Jack came to me a physical wreck. He was once a PRCA rope horse and a state champion barrel horse. He was very crippled with undiagnosed lameness.

I started reading on the healing power of being barefoot. I pulled his shoes and found that his feet were severely damaged and bruised. After going through many abscesses, I started to ride him.

Old Mac boots gave him the ability to heal and be ridden . In a short time he was barrel racing in his Old Mac boots. He ran in his boots for approximately one year. Now his feet are healed and he is fully barefoot."

  Melissa Rider, AZ, USA

x"At the Chase Creek FEI 2 star competition " Mackey Town " pulled a shoe during the steeplechase phase. We easily strapped one Old Mac on the affected foot and were able to trot and canter the remaining 7km distance of gravel road, hills, streams, bad footing and rocky terrain and he was pronounced sound upon arrival at the 10 minute box. I would recommend every competitor have a pair ready for such emergencies."

DVM Nick Klieder
Eventer , Canada

"I have spent thousands of dollars on boots, gimmicks, shoes, supplements, vets, etc. etc. and absolutely nothing has helped him like Old Mac’s. My horse was out in the pasture when his new boots arrived, just standing there. I went out, put his boots on and he has been walking, running, playing.  He is EVERYWHERE!!!!!"

Patti Jardine, Ca , USA

"I’ve used Old Mac’s on my 11-year-old champion Polocrosse mare ’Centreline’ and in my duties as senior Club Steward on the Clerk of the Course Horse. Horses being led around to the barrier tend to lean over and stand on your horse’s feet. By using Old Mac’s it not only protects my horse’s feet but also the horse I am leading. Perhaps all clerks should use Old Mac’s.

While mustering, my horses have floundered up to their bellies in swamps, swum in fresh and salt water - Old Mac’s have NEVER come off.

My personal opinion is that Old Mac’s are is one of the most exciting innovations offered to the horse industry in my lifetime ."

Peter Honeywil
Qld, Australia
Spring Valley Heritage Horse Ride participant, Official in the Racing Industry for 26 years and Polocrosse player

"I'm really impressed with the Old Mac's. I love them to death. My horse loves them! It has made hoof care easy and I'm looking forward to many sound years from my horse. I've had lots of people ask what those things on his feet are! It's GREAT."

Senta Graney, NSW, Australia

"I drive on the road and on trails in a very hilly area. The traction is great and my horse has a wonderfully lively step. He has had no problems adjusting to the boot, and I actually have to rein him in, he always wants to go! Thanks for a great boot."

Shari Shapleigh , NY , USA

"The major benefit I can see with Old Mac’s is increased awareness or proprioception of movement of the horse. This would not only help horses undergoing rehabilitation but also open a new gateway for improving a horse’s already learned way of movement. Another benefit from wearing Old Mac’s is less wear and tear on the joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles." 

Sharon Brennan Eq.T.P.M. 
Internationally qualified Equine Muscle Therapist

"I am with the Lake County Sheriff's Mounted Possee in Lake County , Florida , USA ; we purchased Old Mac's for our unit several months ago and I want to let you know that we are really very pleased with them.

We have used them for parades and for special security details, such as patrolling the parking lots of the malls during the Christmas season. In the past we would normally put borium tipped shoes on our horses for this work and would be concerned for the safety of the horse(s )and others.

Since using your hoofwear our horses are more comfortable and confident doing the work we ask of them. And no more fears of nasty cuts from the shoes. Thank you for making such a marvellous product. "

 Stacy Pranger, Lake County Sheriff 's Mounted Posse

"As Commercial operators we place a large emphasis on safety, health and longevity. After using Old Mac’s for almost a year we are totally convinced of the many advantages, which include ­superior road grip, good economy and above all protection from wear, tear and shock on our horses hooves and legs. We are delighted with the durability of the product and professionalism of the company.

On behalf of our horses and customers - Thank you Old Mac's."

Alexandra Shoham, Owner and operator
Tasmanian Horse drawn Carriages,
Port Huon , Australia
Ph: 03 6297 1777 Fax: 03 6297 1144

"Having used Old Mac’s for the past 12 months on thoroughbreds I am totally sold on them!! My horses’ feet have grown in size and strength over this period of time. I work my horses up and down the hill, over jumps and then it’s off to the beach for a swim. No more slipping in wet conditions or stone bruising. By the way we do have the highest rainfall in Australia. Galloping the horse in the boots poses no problem; they LOVE IT. My thoroughbred gelding will be trained in the boots enabling his feet to grow naturally.

The Boots have had a large amount of work over the past 12 months and have stood up to it remarkably. Thanks Old Mac’s. I recommend you give the boots a try. Your horse will love you."

Shane hunter, Mission Beach, QLD Australia

"About two years ago I decided to permanently remove the shoes from my stallion Dario-Fo. As he had damage to his feet, which had to be corrected over a period of months by means of special orthopaedic trimming, he was a little tender for a while on some surfaces. I found Old Macs to be extremely useful during the rehabilitation period. Although Dario did not really need boots to work on the soft surface of my indoor arena, I could put the boots on when he was being walked out to assist the healing process, and I could also leave them on overnight to encourage him to keep moving around as much as possible. I also used Old Macs when I needed to work him on other surfaces, such as sand and gravel.

Dario’s feet are now strong and he does not require boots (or shoes) even for hacking out on the roads. But I keep my Old Macs on hand just in case. I would recommend that every person with a horse that he/she does not want to shoe for health and welfare reasons have a pair of Old Macs in their tack room. Even when the feet have been made completely healthy again through corrective barefoot trimming, you just never know when you might need to work your horse on a surface he is not accustomed to. The Old Macs will give him confidence and comfort.

Manolo Mendez
Professor of Classical Dressage
Sunbury , Victoria , Australia
November 2003

Old Mac's have played a vital role in the transition period and have ensured that our horses are now happy and sound in every respect

With the freedom now to have our horses barefoot all year round, they have gone from being very average in both their health and training, to now excelling in every aspect of their lives. They've never been healthier and are now relishing their training sessions, having gone on to learn and perform advanced tricks and dressage movements."

Here, Gypsy and Coffee perform a bow while wearing their Old Mac's Horse Boots.

Stuart & Cherie Benson
Yarra Glen, Victoria

I've been using my Old Macs on Dakota, my mustang, for a couple of months and love them! The first time I used them on the trail we did about 6 hours in the mountains and he performed so well. He really seemed to be enjoying himself and didn't have to worry about sore feet.

At one tricky spot where he had to cross over a rock, he started to slip and then I felt him grab with his boots to get his footing and then finished crossing without incident. He now holds his feet up for me to put them on and is ready to go. I just have them for his fronts but plan to get a set for his back feet as well. What a great product!

Holly Zukowski

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