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Essential Remedies and Natural Minerals


Natural Hoof has asked NZ Chartered Natural Therapist Thelma Bracewell to develop a range of Homeopathics, Flower Essences and a specially developed Barefoot Detox Herbal Tincture. These remedies are designed specifically for supporting horses undergoing the transition to barefoot and for those horses requiring additional support. Thelma Bracewell kindly put together the following Holistic Equine Essential Remedies for Natural Hoof:

Barefoot Detox Herbal Tincture:
This is a special recipe which contains chaparrel, fennel, fenugreek, licorice, and skullcap. This combination of herbs will cleanse/detoxify the bowels, kidneys, lymph system and lungs. It also strengthens the adrenal glands (which calms the horse mentally and physically and increases stamina). These herbs also relax the muscles and nerves.

Thelma Bracewell makes the remedies herself, using lots of Reiki and other energies, so that the remedies are highly energized. This means that you only need to use 10 DROPS DAILY of Barefoot Detox Tincture. (This means that we are not abusing the world's herbal supplies!)

A 25ml. dropper bottle of the tincture will last at least one month per horse. You can put the drops right in the mouth - or put into some water and syringe into the mouth - or put into a bit of water and sprinkle on your horse's feed. It is also possible to cut a hole in a carrot, place 10 drops in the hole and feed to the horse. After using for one month, take a 2 week break from the tincture and then repeat as often as you wish. The Barefoot Detox Herbal Tincture would be beneficial for the horses at any time throughout the healing process.

movement Movement Recovery 200c Homeopathic blend:
A special blend for pain and aching muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments: This contains Arnica, Rhus. tox., and Ruta grav. - three high potency Homeopathic remedies to be taken orally. Movement Recovery 200c eases the pain as your horse's body adjusts to its new stance and tendons and ligaments joints and spine and bones adjust. The Arnica in Movement Recovery 200c also reduces lots of swelling and bruising of internal organs and structures, as well as all the above. (This essence is also excellent for stiff and sore riders!) The dosage: 2 drops in mouth, 2 times daily. Also, use extra doses before and after exercise/ before and after healing treatments. (A 25ml dropper bottle contains approx 125 doses.)

arnica Arnica Homeopathic 30c:
An excellent first-aid homeopathic, Arnica is excellent for the shock or trauma of any injury for horse or rider. An essential item in your first aid kit. Arnica helps reduce shock, relieves pain, diminishes swelling and begins the healing process. Great for treating muscle injury, over exertion or exhaustion, or following surgery. Dosage: Use two drops as needed as soon and as often as possible after trauma to reduce swelling, bruising, pain, physical and emotional shock. A few drops can be used directly onto suspected sore areas ie, back, hindquarters, legs or can be used in the final rinse water after strenuous activity. Continue to use until healing is completed.

rescue Bach Flowers Recovery Remedy:
This is the classic Bach Flower essence blend for emergencies, also essential for your first aid kit. Recovery Remedy is a combination of five other remedies that act synergistically to calm stress and fear. This is wonderful any time there is shock, stress or fear, has a stabilising and calming effect in a variety of stress inducing situations. It can be safely used before a vet visit, travelling, moving home. Will revive animals in shock. For example - accidents, frights, falls, terror, panic or injuries, emotional upsets. Dosage: Give your horse (or human) two drops as needed.

What are homeopathics?
Homeopathics work on the principle of treating like with like. While some remedies are becoming well known, homeopathic remedies have a wide spectrum of applications. Homoeopathics are drops made from diluted and potentised natural materials and is very effective. It is also very easy to administer orally, readily accepted by most animals

What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essence help balance the horses emotional and mental state Horses respond remarkably well to Flower Essence Therapy. These floral essences balance and harmonize the emotions, and as a result, affect the physical body. Flower Essences are also taken orally, and are made by immersing flowers in water in the sunlight, to absorb the healing energies of the flowers.

These Natural Remedies are totally safe. They can be used with other medications. However, they are not intended to take the place of veterinary advice.

A High-Grade Mineral Supplement:
Thelma Bracewell stresses that a quality mineral supplement is essential for horses going through a Barefoot healing process, and also for general health, particularly if pastures are inadequate. Minerals are the body's basic building blocks, so a lot are needed when healing. Also, with many horses, their lives have been very stressful in the past, which has also depleted them of huge amounts of their minerals. Thelma Bracewell recommends that part of this mineral supplement be kelp or seaweed meal, as this will provide the necessary iodine and trace minerals. She recommends both Natural Hoof Seaweed and the Natural Minerals Mix:

Natural Hoof Mineral Mix:
Based on Pat Coleby recommendations, the Natural Hoof Mineral Mix is made up of Sulphur, Copper and Dolomite Lime. It is recommended to feed these minerals free choice and horses will usually take what they need. To do this, you will need a waterproof container or a container under cover, otherwise, just offer some mineral mix to your horse daily. If you wish to add Natural Hoof Minerals to the feed, the recommended dosage according to Pat Coleby is two tablespoons of the premixed Natural Hoof Minerals per horse per day, twice a week for heavier horses, ponies, and horses not in work. Natural Hoof Minerals is a natural product that does not contain anti-caking chemicals, so if caking occurs, sieve minerals. Contents may settle. Keep in a dry, cool place.

Natural Hoof Minerals are based on recommendations in the book: Natural Horse Care, by Pat Coleby, currently available from Natural Hoof for $25 plus P&H.

Why Natural Minerals are Needed:
According to Pat Coleby's research, Calcium, Magnesium (both available naturally in Dolomite Lime), Sulphur and Copper are casualties of modern farming methods. 'Nowadays, in any country where modern chemical farming is still practised, there will be induced deficiencies of iodine as well as many major and trace minerals,' she says.

Sulphur: 'Sulphur-deficient horses are inclined to suffer from exterior parasites and, according to the CSIRO Rural Research Bulletin and, more seriously, Dr Richard A Passwaters in the US, without sulphur, they cannot assimilate selenium. The amino acids of sulphur - cysteine and methionine particularly - are necessary for this synthesis.

Copper: A horse's body needs copper for optimum health and resistance to disease. The immune system needs copper to operate correctly. Internal parasites are only found in horses that are deficient in the mineral. Anaemia, poor coat colour, cancer, Crohn's disease, proud flesh, ringworm, mud fever, herpes-related conditions, seedy toe, onychomycosis (white line disease or canker), worms, wind sucking, fence eating and many more conditions all result when copper levels are low. Dark animals that are off-colour (literally) are suffering from lack of copper. Without copper, iron cannot be assimilated, resulting in anaemia.

The soil must have the correct mineral balance so that the copper is available. Copper in the soil is inhibited when the pH is either too low or too high, and the latter effect is worse in droughts. When I was investigating why copper shortfalls were so great, a researcher at Monash University studying the mineral told me that copper is inhibited virtually 100% by superphosphate.

Dolomite Lime: 'Dolomite is the most natural form of magnesium that is easily available. Magnesium is needed for bone growth and neuromuscular transmission, muscular health and a healthy nervous system. Calcium is found as calcium carbonate in ground limestone, but the safest way to use it is from dolomite. There is then absolutely no chance of causing a sudden magnesium depletion. Calcium is required for the nervous and muscular systems, normal heart function and blood coagulation. It is also needed for bone growth. However, calcium must always be considered in conjunction with magnesium. The two minerals interact and must be kept in balance at all times. An excess of calcium will cause magnesium to be depleted and vice versa.

seaweed Natural Hoof Organic Seaweed/Kelp
Natural Hoof Seaweed, is pure ground seaweed or dried kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum). It is an ideal supplement for your horse as it contains an incredible amount of trace minerals, all in organic form and therefore perfectly in balance. Excellent for hoof growth and overall health. We recommend you offer Natural Hoof Seaweed to your horse daily, free choice, and it will intuitively take as much as it needs. (Overfeeding of Seaweed can result in health or management issues.)

acv Unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar
Also recommended by Pat Coleby and available from Natural Hoof. Available in 5 litre or 20 litre containers, either plain or with added echinacea, manuka honey and/or garlic. It is a natural antibiotic which helps to fight bacterial infections, and is unpasturised, therefore retaining the'mother of vinegar' which is vital in preserving all vitamins and minerals.
Double strength (approx 10% acetic and malic acid), naturally processed to maintain maximum quality. Tried and proven for not only horses but all livestock.

About Thelma Bracewell
Thelma has trained in the United States and New Zealand as a Natural Therapist. Naturopath Bernard Jensen, Homeopathic M.D. Dr Dorothy Mason, and Brian Murray, N.D., are several of her teachers. She is currently a member of the following: N.Z. Charter of Health Practitioners, N.Z. Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers, the Flower Essence Society, and the Homeobotanical Institute. Since 1979, Thelma has been in private practice, working as a Health Consultant for her clients. Currently, she lives and practices and prepares her remedies from her home on the West Coast of the South Island. In 1992, Thelma developed a range of Herbal Tinctures, which are very popular nationwide. She also hand-prepares Homeopathic remedies using Radionic equipment and develops and prepares Flower Essences.

A consultation with Thelma: If you are concerned about your horse, or have a specific problem that you'd like some professional natural help with, Thelma is available for readings and comes recommended by Natural Hoof. (She also treats humans!) Her contact details are: 53 Domain Road, Granity, Buller Phone: 0064 3 782 8202 email:

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