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Fortunately, the best hoof moisturiser is free - water!

A horse in it's natural environment will spend time each day with it's hooves submerged in water while it drinks, plays, cools off, etc. As a consequence, the horse's hooves have evolved to require water to it's hooves daily to prevent them from drying out and keep them elastic and supple.

Hoof horn contains a great deal of water, which is constantly being leeched through air, dry ground, riding rings etc.

According to Dr Hiltrud Strasser, in her book A Lifetime of Soundness, 10-15 minutes of immersion in water past th coronet band is sufficient in a day to keep your horse's hooves healthy. Unfortunately, with domestic environments, watering troughs are usually above the ground, so that when the horse drinks, his hooves are not exposed to water as they naturally should. therefore, it is up to the horse owner to ensure this basic requirement is met.

There are countless ways to do this, some of which are outlined below.

Construct a Hoof Bath
This hoofbath is made from about NZ$70 worth of concrete, delivered in a concrete truck and shaped into a hoof bath. A very simple and cost-effective hoof bath that also doubles as a feed bay (to save time).

Convert a breeding stall
This is a breeding stall that has been easily converted into a hoofbath by using rubber matting, and silicon fill. A safe and effective way to soak your horses hooves.

Buckets and Hoofboots
Buckets are a cheap way to soak your horse's hooves, as long as your horse is well trained! Hoof boots are another great idea, that will velcro on to your horses pastern to keep it in place. Another idea is inner tube tyres, which can be cut to fit your horse's hoof, and tied together with twine.

Why fix those puddles when they can benefit your horse? As long as they are deep enough to cover the pastern, a decent puddle makes an excellent soaking bath for your horse. A more permanent solution is to dig a hole and line with rubber or plastic. An old piece of carpet can be used to prevent slipping.

On the Trails
Riding at the beach or stopping for a play in a river or lake is a fun way to soak your horse's hooves!

If you have any other ideas, please email them with a photo to and I'll add them to the list.

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